Filipino Comfort Food: Kanto Pares

Filipino Comfort Food: Kanto Pares

After a long day from work or school, we often turn to our favourite Filipino comfort food. Filipino comfort food often comes with soup or sauce because we enjoy mixing them with a warm cup of rice. Here are some classic Filipino Comfort Food served at Kanto Pares:

Beef Pares + Bone Marrow

Filipino Food

Pares is a popular Filipino food made up of braised beef stew, light soy sauce, sugar and other spices. There have been many adaptation of this recipe. Some incorporate star anise to add an oriental flavour. But we prefer the original and simpler take on beef pares. It’s best enjoyed with garlic rice and bulalo soup.

Bulalo is a clear soup made up of collagen / fat from beef shank and marrow bone. Seasoning added to it are usually black pepper and salt. Some throw in a few veggies, herbs and spices.

Filipino Food Bulalo Bone Marrow
Filipino Food Bulalo Bone Marrow

Roasted Bone Marrow is the sophisticated take on butter, as some would call it. When raw bone marrow is torched or cooked, the marrow turns into something similar to a pudding. Take a scoop of it. Mix well with pares and rice. As the buttery texture melts, it gives extra creaminess to each bite.

Kare Kare Bagnet

Bagnet is an Ilocano delicacy that uses deep frying method to make a crispy pork belly. 

Kare – Kare is another famous Filipino comfort food that makes use of thick peanut sauce. It is often cooked together with ox tail but it is reinvented as a relish for bagnet.

Filipino Food Kare Kare Bagnet

Bagnet Binagoongan

Bagoong is a Filipino condiment or flavouring that is derived from either shrimp paste or fermented fish. Its salty taste complements well with pork, mango and vegetables.

Filipino Food Binagoongan Bagnet

We could vouch for the quality and taste of their food. Our clients who got to try these as packed meals were pleased. We can make an arrangement for pre-orders at least a day before the scheduled / booked studio session for our clients.

Food Photography Portfolio for Kanto Pares, click here.

Kanto Pares (Maginhawa)
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Kanto Pares (Fairview)
Caltex Station Neopolitan Blk 177 Commonwealth Ave. Brgy. North Fairview

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